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MMORPGS Beta Testing Community

Posting of new beta online games, mmorpgs.

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Ok, so here is the reason for this group:

Hopefully connect with other people of simular interest..I know I can't be the only person who enjoys beta testing online games. (I'd love to beta test PC and Console games too, just never gotten hooked up with the right people.) I will link sites for games I HAVE PLAYED myself, along with my short review of it..I wont be listing just any random site. However any contributions would be greatly appreciated. I will check them out and post my review of it. I personally prefer MMORPGS, but I'll try anything. If you know of any games, or are a game programmer yourself and want me to check out your game please go ahead and link the site, or e-mail me if it is closed beta. ( MrblueEyZ@Yahoo.Com )

A little about me:

I am 26 year old male, & living in Chicago. I am not a "hard-core" gamer, but I do love a good game, especially RPGs. Great way to waste time, especially during times like now, when I'm single. =) I grew up on FF/Ultima/etc.. Started on NES, and played on most platforms up to PC. I've been interested in Beta testing games since I first got on the internet about 6 years ago.

Rules and junk for this community:

There are no specific rules, minus those included in the process of creating a LJ account. just the basics..no racism/sexism/advertising not related to this community. I would prefer ANY links to other groups be passed by me first, if you link to a LJ site I feel is unnappropriate/illegal you will be deleted from our community and reported to LJ Admin. No rules for arguing..just try not to be assholes..bitching to each other isn't the purpose of this specific form. Repeat intentional bashings of a severe degree will be dealt with swiftly.

Have a great day, and let's share some beta links!